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Search Redirect Virus Removal Tool

Why Does Google Keep Redirecting Me?

Google Redirect Virus, also known as Search Redirect Virus and Redirecting Virus, is the most dangerous and common computer Malware of 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Developed by experienced hackers, this hijack cannot be removed or even detected by the familiar antivirus programs. This virus can stay hidden on your computer forever because it is usually recognized as driver or legit software by most anti virus systems.

Worm Eating Google

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How can I know I have this browser hijack on my computer?

Here are listed some of the symptoms that your computer is having the Google Redirect Virus:
1) You will notice that you are being continually redirected from your web searches to scam websites and advertisements
2) This virus is so annoying that maybe is impossible to skip the terrible pops-up every time you make a search in Google or any other search engine that you use.
3) You will feel that your computer is slowing down.
4) Your web browser will start acting very strange and loading very slow.
If you are experiencing some or all of these traits, this means that your computer is infected with the Redirect Virus.

Is the Google Redirect Virus dangerous?

1) You should not ignore the fact of having the Google Redirect Virus on your PC because it puts in real danger your personal information. The purpose of the additional Malware is to gather your passwords, personal data and everything, the person behind this virus, needs from you.
2) When trying to perform a normal browser search, after clicking on any of the displayed results you are automatically redirected to sites which allow Trojans, Worms, Adwares, Spywares, etc. to install on your computer without any notification. This is why your computer will dramatically start slowing down.

How can I remove this vicious virus?

Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool is a solution, specially designed to remove this vicious virus from the core! This tool is proved to work with any version of Windows and with any Web Browser available.

All you need to do is follow the easy Step-By-Step Guide and install the Google Redirect Virus Removal tool.

With this instant download you will also get a Certificate of Guarantee that the Google Redirect Virus will be instantly removed from your PC and will never come back again.

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